Video or audio is constantly freezing, what should I do?
Posted by on 22 November 2013 11:34 PM

There are many different causes that can lead to audio/video freezes on channels, some of them are:

1). Wifi. Wifi, which many of our viewers enjoy, has transmission issues like a radio. If the connection isn't great, then the viewing is bad. There is nothing we can do about that, but the viewer can reposition the Wifi device or get a higher quality Wifi to get a better wireless connection. Of course, the broadband connection behind your Wifi could also be overbooked by your provider (see 3) below).

 2). CPU. Decompressing and rendering the video takes a moderate amount of CPU
power and some video processing power. The networking part
 of FilmOn takes up very little CPU(<10%). When your machine
 does not render such video properly, it may very well be on account of a 
slow CPU or slow video card.

3). Overbooking. We have made the rounds with our users and, unsurprisingly, those with higher speed connections are also happier with FilmOn’s quality. However, not all providers are equal. Public networks such as an internet café and some network providers may be congested sometimes. If your problems persist, notify your provider. Normally, for broadband speed lower than 1.5 Mbps we advise to use SD mode for watching channels.

4). Poor signal from a source. Sometimes, if the issue with a specific channel, it could be because the original channel is experiencing some interruptions that are not under our control.


In order for us to investigate your particular case, we will need the following information from you submitted via ticket in our support portal or emailing to

1. Which device are you using? (iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac/PC - if you are using Mac or PC, are you using a browser or a Filmon Desktop Player?). Please be specific as to which model/app version/browser version/operating system version you are using.

2. Does freezing happen on all channels or on specific ones? Please tell us which channel is freezing. Does it happen all the time with the same intensity or it mostly happens during certain hours?

3. Are you using Wi-Fi or data?

4. Are you watching in SD or HD?

5. Please verify your bandwidth by connecting to and measuring the available bandwidth. Please try to check this at different times of the day so we can establish any fluctuations in Broadband speed. If you experience freezing at certain times of the day you should try and run the test at that time.

6. Please send us your IP address that you can check by connecting to - please send that number to us.

We would appreciate that if you could send us answers to the above questions as that would help us a lot to expedite the investigation of the issue.

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